Wellness Rituals

Foot Detox   40 minutes  $25     Add to any Spa Service $20

Get comfortable with a warm neck wrap and a cup of our fresh herb infused spa water while you enjoy a 25 minute epsom salts aromatherapy foot soak to release toxins, reduce inflammation and ease tension.  After your soak your feet will be scrubbed and moisturized with a light massage. 

Guided Meditation Session  15 minutes  $10   For groups of 3 or more: $5 each.

Learn the art of breathing to quiet the  mind and get in touch with your body.  Your session will include aromatherapy and guide you through breathing excercises before beginning your meditation journey. This is great to do before a spa service to help bring your focus where it needs to be: on you.  Coming with friends, no problem, you can all enjoy a meditation session together.