Spa Parties & Groups

Enjoy a spa day with friends and/or family or reward your staff with a spa experience.  We offer all groups of 4 or more a complimentary private relaxation room where you can relax together before, after and in between your treatment times.  Please see our Spa Policies regarding booking spa parties.  Each person in your group may choose different services or packages that are listed on our website or you can choose one of our group packages described below.  For custom packages call The Spa and we will create something unique for your budget and group size.

The Spa Deluxe Passport    $100 per person (2 services each) Includes Gratuities

                                                              $150 per person (3 services each) Includes Gratuities

This package is more structured with specific appointment times.  Each person in your group can choose different services from the list below; each one being 30 minutes long.  The size of your group will determine if this is a private event.  For example for 3 people getting 2 service each we would not close The Spa to other guests but if you had 8 people getting 3 service each we would make this a private party.

∼Therapeutic Neck, Back & Shoulder Massage        ∼Spa Facial                                       ∼Microderm Treatment

∼Back Scrub w/Moisturizing Massage                        ∼Scalp Exfoliation & Massage       ∼Foot Reflexology 

∼Silky Hands & Feet Treatment w/Massage 

The Spa Mini-Passport    $90 per person, Includes Gratuities

This is a great choice for large groups wanting to enjoy several spa services.  Choose 5 mini-services from the list below; each person in your group will receive the same 5 services.  Each service is 15 minutes long.  You must have a minimum of 8 guests in your party. The Spa will close for a private spa experience as your group mingles and rotates from service to service throughout The Spa getting their passport stamped.You may bring in food and beverages for your group to enjoy.

∼Chair Massage         ∼Ayurvedic Scalp Massage              ∼Foot Soak & Scrub              ∼Foot Reflexology 

∼Mini-Facial               ∼Silky Hands & Feet Treatment       ∼Sinus Relief Treatment