The Spa


The James Madison Inn


Skin Care Rituals

The Spa Facial

30 minutes  $40  /  60 minutes  $70  /  90 minutes  $100

Your Facial treatment will be customized based on a discussion with your Esthetician regarding your skincare regimen and concerns then a visual inspection of your skin once it is cleansed.  Using Aveda's Botanical Kinetics and the Tulasara serums we can treat all skin types from mature skin with fine lines, acne prone and oily skin to dry, discolored skin and sensitive skin.

Our 30 minute Facials consist of skin purification, light exfoliation and a treatment focused on one particular concern; each step customized with an Aveda aroma infusion chosen for your skin's needs.

Our 60 & 90 minute Facials consist of a pre-cleansing facial massage, a purification, exfoliation with steam, light hand and foot massage, a treatment masque with a neck and scalp massage as well as a moisturizing facial massage.   Each step is customized with an Aveda aroma infusion based on your skin type and skin needs.

Microderabrasion Treatment

45 minutes  $55  OR Add to any Facial  $30

Pre-pay for 4 or more treatments and save $5 per treatment.

This is a mechanical resurfacing of the skin using a diamond tip wand to remove dead skin from the face.  We begin with a cleansing to prep the skin and follow the exfoliation with a moisturizing facial massage.

*Benefits include: Reduction in the appearance of scars and pores, softens fine lines and wrinkles and helps to smooth coarsely textured skin. Best results when done in a series of 4 - 8 treatments over a 30 -90 day period.  

Aveda's Perfecting Plant Peel Dual Exfoliation

45 minutes  $55  OR Add to any Facial  $30 

Pre-Pay for 4 or more services and save $5 on each treatment.

This is Aveda's answer to glycolic peels; exprience the benefits of a 30% glycolic peel without the irritation and down time. This treatment begins with a purification before applying the thermal masque that works to exofliate the skin.  Once removed we perform a second exfoliation with Aveda's Radiant Refiner. We minimize redness and irritation with a cooling masque and Aveda's new Recoery Serum before we end with a moisturizing facial massage.

*Benefits include: Instant exfoliation & a brighter, more radiant skin. Smooths and softens the skin, reducing teh appearance of fine lines, evens skin tones and refines the look of pores.  This treatment is most effective if done in a series; 4 - 8 treatments over a 30 - 90 day period.  

Add On Collagen Masque

Add to any Facial    $10

Collagen is a structural protein found in the skin. This masque is applied as an additional treatment during the massage portion of your facial. This is a great addition to either of our exfoliating treatments!

*Benefits include: Slowing down collagen depletion to help fight the signs  of aging as well as hydrating and nourishing the skin.

Add On 24 KT. Gold Masque

Add to any Facial      $20

This beautiful metal has been found to increase collagen production in the skin.  Applied as an additional treatment during your facial it provides multiple benefits for all skin types.

*Benefits include: Increased collagen production, improves skin's elasticity, prevents and improves signs of aging as well as reducing signs of age and sun spots.

Back "Facial" Treatment

30 minutes  $50  /  60 minutes  $80

Enjoy the cleansing benefits of our facial products on your back. We use the same techniques and products to purify, exfoliate and moisturize to promote healthy skin.

*Benefits include: Cleansing an area that is hard to reach, control of acne and blemishes.