Classic Manicure            $20

Classic Pedicure              $30

These Classic treatments include proper nail maintenance: cutting, filing, buffing & cuticle nipping if needed as well as a light exfoliation and moisturizing massage.  Our Pedicures do include an aromatic foot soak.

Spa Manicure                   $40

Spa Pedicure                     $50

Both the Spa Manicure and Spa pedicure are 60 minute treatments that include all of the maintenance performed in our Classic services. In addition you will also get a shea-butter salt scrub, a paraffin treatment and hot stone massage! You will feel pampered beyond belief after one of these hour long services.

Add On Services

French Polish                $5

Shellac Polish                $10

Shellac Removal           $10

Polish Change                  $10

Shellac Polish Change    $20

This is a polish removal, quick buff and new polish application only.