Body rituals

Signature Massage

All of our massage treatments are customized based on a consultation with the therapist and can include a combination of modalities to achieve your goals for that service; Swedish, Deep Tissue, Aromatherapy, Neuromuscular Therapy and/or Trigger Point Therapy.  

Prenatal Massage 

30 minutes  $50      60 minutes  $80

For expecting mothers in their 2nd or 3rd trimester we offer a very relaxing side-lying massage.  This massage is also personalized based on a consultation.  Your comfort is the number one priority during this service.

Seaweed Body Wrap

50 minutes  $60

Salt Glow 

30 minutes  $60

A blend of Pink Himalayan Salts, Shea Butter & Lemongrass essential oils is used to exfoliate your entire body. A quick shower to rinse away the salt leaves the Shea Butter on the skin for a wonderfully smooth feel. 

Sugar Glow 

30 minutes  $60

A blend of Organic Sugar, Honey & Shea Butter provides a gentle exfoliation while pulling moisture into the skin.  A quick shower to rinse away the sugar leaves the Shea Butter on the skin for smooth silky feel!   

Couples Massage

Enjoy a Therapeutic Massage with someone special in our couples suite. Each person's massage is customized, so one can have Deep tissue while the other has Hot Stones for example.  Prices here are per couple.

Exfoliating Body Wrap

45 minutes  $60

 30 minutes  $100      60 minutes  $160    90 minutes  $220      100 minutes  $250   

Four Handed Massage   30 minutes  $90    60 minutes  $120

  30 minutes  $50      60 minutes  $80      90 minutes  $110      100 minutes  $125

Seaweed contains antioxidants, essential fatty acids and vitamin A that are absorbed into the skin to tone and smooth while at the same time pulling out impurities.  Mixed with aromatherapy you will be coated with our seaweed mixture and mummy wrapped on our warm table.  While the seaweed goes to work on your body your therapist will relax you further with a gentle scalp massage.  You will need  to shower after this service.  Add a massage to amplify the skin softening effects of this wrap. *See Massage prices above.

Hot Stone Massage        30 minutes $60     60 minutes  $90     90 minutes  $135

Enjoy the benefits of both our Salt Glow and our Seaweed Wrap with this heavenly combination! Your scrub consists of the Pink Himalayan Salts, Organic Seaweed Powder, Turmeric powder, whipped Shea Butter & Lemongrass essential oil.  You will be scrubbed from neck to toe and wrapped while you enjoy a coconut oil Scalp Massage.  You will need to shower after this service. Add a Massage to indulge yourself even more!

Foot Reflexology     30 minutes  $55    60 minutes  $80 

Applying light to deep pressure on reflex points on the feet can induce deep relaxation and a healing response in the body.  This can be added to your Signature or Hot Stone Massage. 

Two therapists perform a therapeutic massage, simultaneously, to bring your body into perfect balance.

You will enjoy a deeply relaxing massage as the warm, smooth stones heat the tissues and allow your therapist to work deeply without discomfort for you.