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Therapeutic Massage

30 minutes - $40 / 60 minutes - $70 /  90 minutes - $100 / 120 minutes - $130

All of our Massage services are priced by time, not modality.  We understand that each of our guests are individuals and may require a combination of techniques to help relieve tension, induce relaxation, manage pain and help the body to heal itself.  Your therapist will consult with you each time you visit to find out what your needs and expectations are for that particular session.  Your service will be customized using Swedish Massage as the foundation and incorporating one or more of the following techniques:

 Deep Tissue Massage            Neuromuscular Therapy         Trigger Point Therapy              Sports Massage                Aromatherapy                            Reflexology                     Hot Stone Massage**              Thai Massage**

**These services require set up prior to your appointment, if you think you would like one of these services please let us know at the time of booking.

Benefits include:  reduction in stress, anxiety, increased circulation and pain management.

Prenatal Massage

30 minutes - $40 / 60 minutes - $70

For the Mother-to-Be, we offer a side-lying massage designed to relax and renew.  You MUST be 13 weeks or more to receive a massage from one of our therapists.  Please ask the advice of your doctor before recieving massage services.

*Benefits include: Improved sleep, reduction in body aches and anxiety.

Ayurvedic Scalp Massage

20 minutes - $30

This treatment can be enjoyed by itself or added to any of our massage or facial services.  We use a warm oil to help moisturize and relax the scalp; based on Indian traditions the scalp and temples are massaged methodically to induce relaxation.

*Benefits include: Reduces stress, headaches and insomnia.  Can help reduce product buildup and relieve dry scalp.

Facelift Massage

30 minutes   $40

This is a wonderfully relaxing way to reduce tension in the facial muscles; using a combination of long soothing strokes and a quick invigorating technique to stimulate blood flow and collagen production in the face and decollete.

*Benefits include: Reduction in puffiness, expression and tension induced lines and creating a brightness in your complexion.

Four-Handed Massage

30 minutes - $70  / 60 minutes - $100 / 90 minutes - $130

The ultimate experience in massage therapy! This technique comes from Ayurvedic traditions; combining the skills of two therapists to create balance in the body and promote deep relaxation.

*Benefits include: See our Classic Massage benefits section. Additional benefits include a better  balance of mind, body & spirit.

Couple's Massage

Enjoy any of the above massage services in our beautiful couple's suite.  There is no extra charge for using the suite.  Prices are as listed above and are per person.

Seaweed Body Wrap

45 minutes - $60

Enjoy the benefits of seaweed!  We begin with a dry exfoliation before applying a seaweed mixture to the entire body.  You are wrapped in a cocoon of warmth that opens the pores allowing the seaweed to penetrate the skin delivering a number of minerals: manganese, zinc & iron.  Seaweed also binds itself with toxins found in the skin and draws it out. All of this takes place while you enjoy a soothing scalp massage. Once unwrapped you will be draped and escorted to the shower.

*Benefits include: Skin purification and softening as well as stress reduction.

Salt Glow 

75 minutes  $85

We begin this treatment with a quick dry exfoliation before doing a thorough scrub of the entire body (excluding the face). Our Salt Scrub is mixed with whipped shea butter to create the ultimate moisturizing exfoliant.  Once the skin has been exfoliated you are draped and escorted to the shower.  You will come back to the room to enjoy a 30 minute moisturizing full body massage.  Choose the option below that suits you best.

Unscented:  This salt glow contains no essential oils or fragrances.

Energizing:  This Salt Glow is infused with Aveda's Blue Oil (peppermint & eucalyptus) that will give your skin a cool refreshing tingle!

Calming:  This Salt Glow is infused with Aveda's Stress Fix Oil (lavender & clary sage) that helps to soothe and calm the mind and body! 

*Contraindications:  If you have high blood pressure this service is not recommended.

**Benefits include: Dry skin removal, mineralization and softening of the skin.  Shea              butter also offers light UV protection that is beneficial to the new skin that is now                exposed.

***DO NOT SHAVE within 24 hours prior to having this treatment.  

Sugar Glow  

40 minutes -  $60

This is a more gentle exfoliation than a salt glow; it is soothing, hydrating and promotes skin growth that is healthy and even in color and texture.  Our organic sugars are mixed with shea butter for the ultimate moisturizing exfoliation.  After your full body exfoliation (excluding the face), you will be draped and escorted to the shower.  You can customize this treatment by choosing one of the options below.

Unscented:  This Sugar Glow has no essential oils or fragrance added.

Energizing:  This Sugar Glow is infused with Aveda's Blue Oil (peppermint & eucalyptus) that will give your skin a cool refreshing tingle!

Calming:  This Sugar Glow is infused with Aveda's Stress Fix Oil (lavender & clary sage) that helps to soothe and calm the mind and body!

*Benefits include: Removes dry skin while drawing moisture in and leaving it radiant.