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Chassity Short (Master Cosmetologist):  I come from a family with five sisters, they were always asking me to do their hair and nails.  This lead me to Athens Tech where I graduated with my Master of Cosmetology license eight years ago. I am constantly learning new things when it comes to hair and nails.  I began at The Spa two years ago and enjoy what I do and those I work with.  I love that I can offer so many services: Manicures, Pedicures, Facials,Waxing, Wraps, Scrubs, Tanning and Hair.

Emily Bessette (Massage Therapist & Master Cosmetologist Apprentice):   I was in a car accident when I was younger that resulted in back and neck problems.  I realized then that I wanted to learn how to help manage and relieve this type of pain.  I went to the Georgia Medical Institute in Winder, GA and learned Massage therapy.   My goal is to help those suffering, whether it be headaches or frozen shoulder, using the deep tissue work that I have learned.  I recently began my apprenticeship for Master Cosmetology so that I can expand my skills to include skin and nail care.  I enjoy doing reflexology and prenatal massage in addition to deep tissue and pain management techniques.

Dana Flax (Massage Therapist): I am a massage therapist.  This is my job, this is my life. I graduated from Georgia Career Institute 10 years ago.  I went on to the Rising Spirit Institute and the Kashi Yoga Teacher Training program to continue my education.  I am certified in Myofacial Release, Neuromuscular Therapy and Thai Yoga Body Therapy, Cranio-Sacral and Sports Massage. I incorporate all of my training into each session to create an individual experience.  I enjoy helping people in any way possible, offering meditation, yoga, Thai yoga and massage therapy to my clients.

Annie Jonas Huff (Massage Therapist): Over a decade ago I was persuaded to enter the Savannah School of Massage and I remain grateful to this day.  I love working with expecting mothers to help them during that special time of their lives as well as helping with neck, back and shoulder aches and pains. I have continued my education over the years, but I learn the most from my clients.  Meeting new people and getting to know them through therapeutic massage is what I enjoy most.  

Shawanda Simmons (Massage Therapist):  I began doing bodywork with friends about 5 years ago; it encouraged me to go to Georgia Career Institute where I studied Massage Therapy.  While in school I was able to learn several modalities. I was drawn to Sports Massage, Myofacial Release and Deep Tissue work.  These are all great tools to help with pain management.  I enjoy working with a client, using these techniques and seeing the change in their pain levels, posture and range of motion. 

Carolyn Arnell (Nail Technician):  I started this journey here in Georgia where I went to school to be a nail technician.  I have lived and worked out west in Texas and Colorado but now am happy to call Georgia my home again!  I am a mother, a grandmother and love both roles.  I just want to bring joy to everyone I encounter with every stroke of the nail brush, every parrafin dip and every hand and foot massage that I do!

Rebekah Everett (Front Desk): I graduated from Morgan County high school two years ago after which I attended Georgia Regents University.  I am a single mother and am now attending the University of North Georgia.  I love the flexible hours and the people I work with!